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8 Benefits of Sex for Health new health fast ,Sex Health

 8 Benefits of Sex for Health new health fast ,Sex Health

 8 Benefits of Sex for Health new health fast ,Sex Health
 8 Benefits of Sex for Health new health fast ,Sex Health
Active sex life provides relief from pain, improves sleep and stimulates longevity

Sex is good for health and is still good! Sexual intercourse, for example, is one of the most intimate and tasty stimuli for men and women, and is more than a sign of success in a sexual relationship. Every day, scientists discover new effects of this biological reaction, besides doing improvements in emotions, does a lot for your health. "The orgasm helps men and women live with better quality, it is a happy moment," says gynecologist Newkenniar Galani.

 8 Benefits of Sex for Health new health fast ,Sex Health

However, despite providing the happiness and quality of life, a survey conducted by the University of Sao Paulo (USP) showed that 70% of Brazilians have less sex than in public conversations and research. Therefore, my life encourages you to improve in this situation, what science and experts are saying about the benefits that an active sex life brings to the body. Check it out:

Relieves Migraine Attacks

According to Doctor Nicunior Galani, organism releases substances like endorphins, which function in the nervous system. "They reduce the sensitivity of the pain, relax the muscles and improve the mood," he says.

Improves Skin Presence

Sexual relations, especially in the morning, is a powerful ally of beauty to maintain the youth. This was the conclusion of a study, which was organized by the University of Queens University (UK). According to researchers, reaching the organism increases levels of estrogen, testosterone and other hormones associated with skin and hair glow and texture.

In addition, when sexual intercourse occurs, the vasodilation of the vessels occurs, even in some, the temperature increases. With it, the skin receives a fresh appearance, and its natural brightness is exposed.

 8 Benefits of Sex for Health new health fast ,Sex Health

PMS gives relief from cramps

The disease specialist Nekunir Galani insisted that this is not a rule, but it happens with some women. The movement carried out during sex stimulates the internal organs, which become more relaxed and with it, there is a decrease in pain in the days before menstruation, which bothers your well being. "But there are women who are not dealt with for sex at the stage of pre-menstruation and may be compromised times worse," says gynecologist.

Improves sleep

The comfort that comes from sexual intercourse helps you to sleep better, and not on those days when there is sex. The reaction has long-term effects, due to the action of neurotransmitters that begin to work more regularly in your body and more quantity.

Reduces stress

The doctor emphasizes that sexual intercourse should not be seen as a pleasing remedy, but enjoys as part of a loving relationship. When this happens, the level of stress is not only due to emotional stability but also because the so-called stress hormones, such as cortisol, have reduced the activity. The one who brought this news was a biological study which was published in Journal Biological Psychology.

Reduces the risk of heart attack

In a study conducted by the University of Bristol in the UK, with more than 3,000 men in the 45-59 age group, after 20 years, it was concluded that continuous sex can reduce the risk of fatal infarction and stroke. According to the findings, sudden death of heart problems is more common in those men who claim lower or middle level of sexual activity.

Burn calories

According to the American Association of Sex Educationers and Therapists, sexual activity can be a great exercise for the body. That's because on average, half-hour sex burns 85 calories a day. So if you do not have enough patience to go to the gym, how to choose for Plan B?

Increases immunity

A study by Wilks University in the United States has shown that an active sex life increases the level of an infection known as IgA, which is responsible for protecting the body from infection, flu and cold.

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Sexual orientation involves many aspects of life, such as who we feel attracted to, and how we self-identify.